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FIABCI Announces Key Dates and Host Cities for Upcoming Global Events until 2026

During the recent General Assembly at the 74th FIABCI World Real Estate Congress held in Singapore on May 31, Peter Koh, the president of the FIABCI Conferences Committee unveiled the much-anticipated schedule for the upcoming FIABCI global events through 2026. These events are set to bring together leading real estate professionals from around the globe, fostering innovation, collaboration, and growth within the industry.

43rd FIABCI Global Leadership Summit 2024

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Region: European Region

Date: December 2-5, 2024

Theme: Sustainable Real Estate & Urban Growth Strategies 

The 43rd FIABCI Global Leadership Summit will take place in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain, in 2024. Known for its rich cultural heritage and architectural marvels, Barcelona will provide an inspiring backdrop for real estate leaders to discuss sustainable development and urban growth solutions.

75th FIABCI World Real Estate Congress 2025

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Region: Africa and Near East Region

Date: June 2-6, 2025

Theme: Global Real Estate Renaissance

In 2025, Lagos, Nigeria, will host the 75th FIABCI World Real Estate Congress. Hosting our annual event in the Africa and Near East region will offer a unique platform for industry stakeholders to explore new opportunities and address regional challenges, enhancing real estate practices and policies.

44th FIABCI Global Leadership Summit 2025

Location: Panama City, Panama

Region: Americas Region

Date: To be announced

Theme: To be announced

Panama City, Panama, will be the venue for the 44th FIABCI Global Leadership Summit in 2025. As a major hub in the Americas region, Panama City is set to welcome delegates with its strategic importance in global trade and investment, making it an ideal location for in-depth discussions on real estate leadership and much more.

76th FIABCI World Real Estate Congress 2026

Location: Vienna, Austria

Region: European Region

Date: To be announced

Theme: To be announced

Finally, the 76th FIABCI World Real Estate Congress will be hosted in Vienna, Austria, in 2026. This historic city, renowned for its classical music, imperial history, and modern urban developments, will serve as a perfect venue for global real estate professionals to converge and share insights on various industry topics within the European market.

These upcoming events reflect FIABCI's commitment to facilitating global dialogue and advancing the real estate profession worldwide.

Participants can look forward to a series of engaging sessions, networking opportunities, and the chance to experience the unique culture and business environments of each host city.

For more information on the upcoming events and registration details, please visit the global calendar of the FIABCI website and stay tuned to our official social media channels.

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