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FIABCI in the News

In a recent interview for ReRise Ukraine’s magazine LDaily – Business and Innovations -, FIABCI World President Walid Moussa revealed his vision for FIABCI and the development of the global real estate industry, as well as the necessary steps to put Ukraine in the real estate investment’s map.

"FIABCI plays a major role in connecting investors and finding opportunities for people who are interested in them. Sometimes investors hesitate because they don’t know if the market is safe, so our FIABCI community helps make the investment happen.”, World President Walid Moussa said.

"FIABCI’s main role is to work on sharing the best practices worldwide. We try as much as possible to learn the best ways to do business from one another. FIABCI believes that the emerging countries can cooperate together, and we want our chapters to work properly. This helps usconnect all the countries.", Mr. Moussa continued.

LDaily’s first issue of 2020 also featured the perspectives of several FIABCI Chapters’ representatives – USA, Arabic Countries, Georgia, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Ukraine and Indonesia – on various topics ranging from the risks and prospects of land market to the attractive returns offered by the Ukrainian property market.

Read the full issue here.

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