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Prix d’Excellence Awards 2022: 38 Projects Announced As World Winners

A total of 38 of the world’s best property developments were recognised as World Winners at the prestigious FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner held on 9 June 2022 at Lido de Paris, against the backdrop of the FIABCI World Real Estate Congress.

Of the 38 awards, 15 were World Gold Awards and 23 World Silver Awards. These winning developments come from the United States of America, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hungary, Singapore, and Malaysia.



World Gold Winners:

Affordable Housing Category: Radium Perfect Life (A6) (Taiwan)

Environmental Category: Dayou Terrace Ecological Park (Taiwan)

Heritage Category: Star Fortress (Hungary)

Industrial Category: Shalun Green Energy Tech Site (Taiwan)

Master Plan Category: BudaPart (Hungary)

Mixed-Use Development Category: KL Eco City (Malaysia)

Mixed-Use Development Category: Szervita Square Building (Hungary)

Office Category: South Quarter (Indonesia)

Office Category: Woods Square (Singapore)

Public Infrastructure/Amenities Category: Hengshan Calligraphy Center (Taiwan)

Public Infrastructure/Amenities Category: Millenaris Szellkapu Park (Hungary)

Residential (High Rise) Category: The Fennel at Sentul East (Malaysia)

Residential (Mid Rise) Category: North Park Residences (Singapore)

Residential (Low Rise) Category: Setia Marina 2 (Malaysia)

Sustainable Development Category: Szervita Square Building (Hungary)


Watch the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence 2022 Gold Winners video here.


World Silver Winners:

Affordable Housing: Taoyuan Zhong Lu No. 2 (Taiwan)

Environmental Category: Gamuda Gardens Central Park (Malaysia)

Environmental Category: FAB Green Village (Taiwan)

Heritage Category: Shueijiaoshe Historical Dormitory (Taiwan)

Heritage Category: mai-asang Kasing/Jiaxin Old Tribe (Taiwan)

Hotel Category: Inn at Moonlight Beach (USA)

Industrial Category: Frontier Park (Malaysia)

Industrial Category: GIIC Kota Deltamas Zone B,C & D (Indonesia)

Master Plan Category: Radium Perfect Life (A6) (Taiwan)

Master Plan Category: Viertel Zwei (Austria)

Office Category: BUWOG Customer & Admin Center (Austria)

Office Category: Vaci Greens Building E & F (Hungary)

Public Infrastructure/Amenities Category: Danhai Light Rail Transit (Taiwan)

Public Infrastructure/Amenities Category: Chungyuan Ecopark & Retention Pond (Taiwan)

Purpose Built Category: Wisma Mercedes-Benz (Malaysia)

Residential (High Rise) Category: Wallich Residence (Singapore)

Residential (Mid Rise) Category: TimurBay Seafront Residence (Malaysia)

Residential (Low Rise) Category: Sitka (USA)

Resort Category: Six Senses Uluwatu Resorts (Indonesia)

Resort Category: Batu Patong Eco Village (Malaysia)

Retail Category: QBig BSD City (Indonesia)

Retail Category: Northpoint City (Singapore)

Sustainable Development Category: Telkom Landmark Tower (Indonesia)


Watch the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence 2022 Silver Winners video here.

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