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Architecture Post COVID-19

Christine Leconte, Architect, Council of State, Outgoing President of the Council of the Order of Architects of Ile-de-France and candidate for the presidency of the National Order, was the guest speaker of this month's edition of the FIABCI-France Business Networking event.

Arch. Leconte urged for a new urban model built with the concern for the happiness of its inhabitants at its core, following the current health crisis: Contrary to the conception of a city that separates functions and limits exchanges between inhabitants, with commutes between home and work, places of consumption, and leisure facilities, we need a city that combines these functions and leads the way in terms of to biobased materials, produced locally, without neglecting off-site, which can lower construction costs.

A modernized and repaired city, more than a city to rebuild itself: "we do not measure the environmental nuisances and losses linked to demolition, and renovation know-how is now at the highest level.", Christine Leconte said.

The requirement of "land frugality" will also force a number of cities to densify, and the rise of the existing buildings now constitutes a credible way to spare territory. We also see that households aspire to less concentration and look away towards medium-sized towns and rural communities.

Arch. Leconte also attests that the era of "architectural arrogance" is over, as young architects no longer define themselves as demiurges of the city but as actors when it comes to the households' wellbeing.

FIABCI-France's traditional business networking event went virtual on Tuesday, April 6. The topic was "Architecture Post COVID-19", and the session focused on post-pandemic cities, construction methods, and materials, as well as economic models.

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