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Back to news room Tashkent will host CREW Central Asia 2021

Tashkent will host CREW Central Asia 2021

On May 27 and 28, CREW Central Asia will be held in Tashkent, bringing together architects and urbanists, developers and construction companies, service companies (suppliers), consultants, tenants of office and retail space, brokers, and representatives of government agencies. The Business Forum has been held annually since 2014 for the entire Central Asian market. Aliya Serikpayeva, director of the organizing company, Kazakhstan Networking Partners forum, shared the concept of the forum and what is in store for the event guests.

“Within the framework of the forum, world-class leaders and real estate experts from over ten countries representing FIABCI, The International Real Estate Federation, of which our CREW platform is a part, will share current case stories, projects, and topics,” Aliya said.

About the format of the event

The format of the event is also evolving from year to year. In 2021, the CREW Central Asia Forum will be held in a live format, and the organizers have created a full-fledged presentation area, where market participants will be able to hold business meetings, present projects, and agree on cooperation during the forum in the format of a mobile office.

The general partner and co-organizer of the forum is Koc Construction, one of the largest Turkish construction companies operating in Uzbekistan. The main activity of Koc Construction is construction. The company belongs to the KOC Group, which also includes:

  • Marcopol - project management;
  • Koc Mekanik Elektrik - electro-mechanical works;
  • Bir Inshaat - concrete construction works;
  • Bir Global - finishing and facade works;
  • Energy Metal is an international supply of construction metal products.


Koc Construction has launched a significant investment project in Tashkent, which will be presented at the CREW Central Asia 2021 forum on May 27.

About Urban Future Night

During the forum, evening presentations by prominent names of the worlds of architecture and urbanism will take place. Among them will be:

  • Jacques Rougerie from France - the legendary French architect-oceanologist who designed underwater buildings and lived underwater for more than 70 days;
  • Samer El Sayari - a genius in designing cities and settlements on the moon and Mars;
  • Jason Hu - former mayor of Taichung City who, in a short time, turned the city's almost one-story building into a sustainable metropolis;
  • Cristiano Ceccato - the director of the world-famous and progressive architectural firm Zaha Hadid Architects. He will share his experience in implementing airport projects.

“We believe that these are the people we all need to hear, so that later, returning to our office after the forum, we can understand and see the world differently. This will be the benchmark from which we will see significant industry breakthroughs. And we firmly believe that such meetings can influence the development of the Central Asian market,” Aliya said.

Experts and speakers

Investors from Arab countries, as well as major developers and investors in the Asia-Pacific region, will gather in CREW Central Asia 2021. During the conference, representatives of international award-winning developments that received the "Oscar of Real Estate", the FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence Award, will present their projects in a live format.

Experts from international consulting companies Cushman & Wakefield, CBRE, and PwC will also speak as part of our partnership.

Forum Topics

The main theme of the forum is "Urban Future", and it includes the most urgent topics related to the development of urban infrastructure:

  • Urban development, which requires sustainability and eco-development, as well as investment in entirely new projects for the future of cities in Central Asia;
  • The challenges posed by the pandemic to the office segment, retail, and logistics;
  • Solutions that have long been proposed by innovators, but begin to receive more attention due to the circumstances related to lockdown measures;
  • Survival of the hospitality segment in the face of changing tourism flows;
  • Future affordable housing projects and changes in project and investment management.

“Such a set of topics is as close as possible to each participant in the real estate market, and we are sure to create interest in the event, and therefore in the Central Asian market,” said Aliya Serikpayeva.

Track partnerships and projects on the forum

After each event, the forum team draws up analytics on the work done in terms of business meetings. On average, after each CREW forum, transactions are concluded on consulting, brokerage, purchase, and sale of real estate. Many partnerships that began with a meeting at CREW 2014 in Kazakhstan continue today. Thus, the events contribute to the development of the professional community.

“The very ideology of CREW is associated with scaling and a new level of the event. For us, the forum on May 27 and 28, when a large number of speakers from different countries are expected to arrive, and the cooperation with FIABCI International, is a new challenge and a new step in the development of our platform. Also, for the first time, we invited representatives of state bodies and professional associations from different countries to participate and interact, ”Aliya said.

Benefits for event participants

The main advantage of the CREW site has always been and remains the opportunity to make deals with new contractors, find a partner, investor, contractor, and expert consultant who will bring an added value to the project and take it to a new level.

“On May 27 and 28, we are waiting for everyone at CREW Central Asia 2021 in Tashkent, and we are confident that this event will change both your business and your circle of partners, as well as expand the understanding of problems and solutions,” Aliya concluded.

To register for participation in the event and view the full program of the forum, please visit the following website:

FIABCI members can benefit from a special price via this link:

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