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Back to news room Ukraine Welcomes FIABCI Vice-President on Official Trip

Ukraine Welcomes FIABCI Vice-President on Official Trip

In the midst of the war, Ukraine received crucial support as Antonio Campagnoli, Vice President of FIABCI International, paid a visit to the chapter and endorsed the country's green reconstruction initiative.

On October 26, FIABCI-Ukraine, in collaboration with Modulina Straw Panels and SYNCHRO SPACE HUB, launched the Rebuilding Ukrainian Cities Green initiative at the "Architectural Practice" 2023 exhibition organized by a chapter member, Andrei Melnikov. Campagnoli personally championed Ukrainian architects and designers, stressing the significance of crowdfunding and partnerships in green reconstruction.

The event united global experts, including Zilvinas Bitinas from Lithuania, who shared insights on straw panels for decarbonization and new construction. Chapter President Victoria Teslitskaya and participants discussed the need for mindset change and green approaches across society. Attendees received messages from influential FIABCI members, encouraging green initiatives participation.

This event inspired everyone present, marking a significant stride towards Ukraine's green future. This initiative is believed to be the foundation for collaborative projects, shaping our cities' sustainable reconstruction.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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