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Back to news room Global Compact Network Georgia Supports the FIABCI-Georgia Prix d' Excellence Awards

Global Compact Network Georgia Supports the FIABCI-Georgia Prix d' Excellence Awards

“I am delighted to announce that Global Compact Network Georgia and FIABCI-Georgia have laid the foundation for mutual cooperation.

“One of FIABCI’s global strategic objectives is to care for the urban environment and achieve long-term sustainable development of the real estate sector. To this end, our organisation has been cooperating with various UN programmes for many years to create inclusive, safe, sustainable, and resilient cities and communities.

“In spring 2022, a Georgian chapter will be written in the 30-year history of FIABCI Prix d’ Excellence. We will be delighted to see Global Compact Network Georgia present the award in the ‘Sustainable Development’ category.”

Lika Kardava

President, FIABCI-Georgia


“UN Global Compact aims to promote responsible approaches in business and facilitate implementation of the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development with the help of companies.

“Among the representatives of various sectors involved in the initiative, an important place is held by the entrepreneurial entities working in the real estate and construction industry. Their sustainable and responsible business activities are beneficial both for the public and the companies themselves.

“We are delighted to support FIABCI-Georgia Prix d'Excellence Awards and present the ‘Sustainable Development’ category.”

Salome Zurabishvili

Executive Director, Global Compact Network Georgia

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