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Back to news room What lies ahead for real estate amid COVID-19?

What lies ahead for real estate amid COVID-19?

As coronavirus spreads around the world in an unprecedented way, one of the main questions on every real estate professional’s mind at the moment refers to the implications of this health crisis on the industry.

FIABCI is therefore organizing a live discussion on Thursday, April 2 at 1pm CET between representatives of different Chapters under the theme “COVID-19: What lies ahead for the real estate industry?”. The speakers will weigh in on the challenges and opportunities spurred by the outbreak and touch upon several topics such as the implications for different sectors, markets and regions in the short and long-terms, the role of technology in the industry, remote work, healthy buildings, among others.

Taking into consideration that the effects of the current situation will be felt differently depending on various factors, the group of experts invited come from different backgrounds, in particular professions and regions.

One of the speakers of the upcoming webinar, Secretary-General of FIABCI-Georgia Lika Kardava said:

The effects of  COVID-19 on real estate will vary by sector, market and geography, and the extent of the impacts will depend upon the duration of the economic shutdown. One thing that makes this economic disruption challenging is that it is affecting both demand and supply. 

Nevertheless, we remain optimistic as  our country Georgia was among the first countries in Europe to undertake effective measures and manifest good habits of resilience in times of trouble. 

This is a critical time to accelerate global support, dialogues, expertise, knowledge sharing,  solutions. And finally to focus on how the places we live can enhance and improve human health and well-being overall.

The live discussion is free of charge. To register, please send us an email to and we will send you the link as well as the password to join the webinar.

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