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FIABCI and 2000WSCA sign cooperation agreement

On 15 March, FIABCI, The International Real Estate Federation entered into a partnership with the 2000-Watt Smart Cities Association. The aim of the cooperation agreement is to foster the transformation of large real estate projects, neighbourhoods, conduction sector and cities in general by promoting sustainable, smart, and resilient urban design and construction.

Concretely, both organisations agreed to:

  • Exchange information on the latest developments in their respective areas of work, with regular interaction between them;
  • Work together in the domain of smart cities and carbon mitigation programmes for the implementation and adoption of common goals and policies, including the Global Cities Charter;
  • Conduct joint workshops, conferences, and training courses within the areas of cooperation.


The agreement was, respectively, signed by FIABCI World President Susan Greenfield and FIABCI Secretary-General Narek Arakelyan, as well as 2000WSCA President Andreas Binkert.

The signing of the document comes after previous endeavours carried out by both organisations to further disseminate the idea and concept of the Swiss 2000WSC label on a broad international scale and, in doing so, to promote carbon neutrality in real estate. In this context, in July 2021, the Swiss Chapter of the International Real Estate Federation and the 2000-Watt Smart Cities Association established a partnership with the aim to give real estate managers around the world motivation for sustainable building and for sustainable properties and neighbourhoods through their concept of the Swiss 2000WSC label.

FIABCI look forward to strengthening the cooperation with 2000WSCA through this partnership framework, which is a clear reflection of the excellent relationship between both organisations and will certainly open many doors for future collaboration efforts.

A special thank you to Thomas Henle, Immediate Past President of FIABCI-Suisse, for his imitative and ongoing efforts in helping make this cooperation happen, both on a national and international level.

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