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IX National Forum Real estate of Ukraine

Every year in the first decade of December FIABCI-Ukraine Chapter together with its principal member Union of the real estate experts of Ukraine organizes the National Real estate Forum. This year the IXth FORUM was organized in a digital format. We have hired the interpreter who was making the simultaneous translation for our members and associate members of the key-note Fernando Romero from the opening session of FIABCI, The International Real Estate Federation the 39th Leadership summit which has started today in an online format. And this session in Ukrainian was included in the online program of OUR National Event.
Today we also had our National Real estate Think Tank on the theme #Reimagining the future of the Ukrainian Real estate Market. We were happy to have among speakers our President Дмитрий Ковганич, our Immediate Past President - Anna Koval. Anna Koval has shared some insight into the trends in the Eastern European market, the challenges which real estate is expecting in the future. She also admitted how important is to grow your own professionalism ^ new skills for the broker - understanding of the investments, technologies, new environment demands and how important is the support of such professionals by the organizations which play the focal role in this point.

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