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When 10 th Feb 2021 - 10 th Feb 2021

Where Kyiv, Ukraine

The first meeting of FIABCI-Ukraine Members in 2021 will be in a new format

The first meeting of FIABCI-Members in 2021 will be in a new format, which we want to launch to increase the value of your membership in the Ukrainian chapter and the opportunity to get to know each other and each of our members individually.

The format is a meeting in the office of our member of the chapter with an acquaintance with the peculiarities of his business and the privileges that each member who invites to his office can provide in cooperation with other members of FIABCI-Ukraine.

The first meeting on "Peculiarities of working with notaries in the real estate market during the pandemic" will take place on Wednesday, February 10, 2021, at 11:00 in the office of FIABCI-Ukraine member Zoltan Rusanyuk - a private notary, a member of the Notary Chamber of Ukraine.
In addition to useful information, profitable business offers and new connections, Mr. Zoltan's office will offer guests coffee and tea and fragrant croissants from Volkonsky.
Address: ZhK "Novopechersky Lypky", street Dragomirova, 20, 2nd floor.

For FIABCI-Ukraine Members only!
See you soon!


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When 18 th Feb 2021 -

Where Zoom - 2:00pm Paris Time

Online Forum

Please click the link below to join the webinar:

Webinar ID: 925 5100 1674

International numbers available:


You Don't Want To Be At The Airport When Your Ship Comes In!

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When 18 th Feb 2021 - 18 th Feb 2021


FIABCI Chicago/ Midwest

Howard Tullman is an American serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, educator, writer, and public speaker. He is the former CEO of 1871, a non-profit startup incubator ranked Number 1 in the world, the past President of two colleges, and the founding Executive Director of the Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago where he was also appointed as the first University Professor. Tullman has written a weekly INC. Magazine column on entrepreneurs, startups, tech trends, and innovation for the last 8 years along with several dozen books. 12:00 p.m. Central Standard Time


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When 18 th Feb 2021 -



" Quel logement pour le XXIème siècle ? "

Les Assises Nationales du Logement et de la Mixité Urbaine sont LE rendez-vous fédérateur pour l'ensemble des acteurs de la filière autour de la réglementation et des tendances actuelles qui font le logement de notre temps. Penser, produire et rénover le logement, c'est non seulement donner un visage aux villes et villages, mais surtout agir concrètement sur la société.

Citizenship By Investment

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When 19 th Feb 2021 -

Where Zoom at 2:00 p.m. (EST)


Join Investment Migration & Lifestyle Concierge Jamie Alleyne as she lays out the roadmap to maximizing the benefits of a second nationality in the Caribbean.

Jamie's father left a 30+ year legacy of welcoming foreign investors to the Caribbean region and laying the red carpet to doing business.  He was head of Dominica’s National Development Corporation and responsible for starting the Citizenship by Investment Programme in that country – now one of the most popular programmes in the region.  Following in his footsteps, Jamie is an investment migration specialist with over 10 years of experience in international bank licensing, international business companies, foundations, international bank accounts, and real estate.  Her network spans the Caribbean, and her local knowledge proves invaluable to migrating your portfolio or your lifestyle!  She is CEO of Jamie Alleyne & Associates and Managing Partner of Blue Marble Citizens. Jamie supports her clients in differentiating between the Caribbean offers and applying for citizenship via investment in the jurisdiction of their choice. 

Annual General Assembly of NEBAU

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When 23 th Feb 2021 -

Where Kyiv, Ukraine

Principal member of FIABCI-Ukraine

On February 23, 2021, the National Expert-Building Alliance of Ukraine has signed the MoU with FIABCI-Ukraine and became the Principal member of the International Real estate Federation.
Victor Leshchynskyi and Dmytro Kovganich have signed the document, which has set up the long-term relationship between organizations.
FIABCI World President 2020-2021 Florentino Dulalia has made the welcome message to the newly accepted principal member and expressed his expectations that the involvement of Alliance in FIABCI will make it stronger and will provide more networking, business, and expertise opportunities to the real estate organizations worldwide. 

"I look forward to seeing more applications from Ukraine put forward by your alliance, NEBAU, to participate in the FIABCI Prix D'Excellence Award, an event worth joining for the real estate industry to start recovering from the pandemic," Florentino Dulalia, FIABCI International World President, welcoming the members of the NEBAU Grand Expert Council in his welcome message, broadcasted online from the Philippines

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