José Romeu Ferraz Neto

SINDUSCON-SP - Sindicato da Indústria da Construção Civil do Estado de São Paulo
Dr. José Romeu Ferraz Neto President

Chapter Position:
Other of FIABCI-Brasil Chapter

Postal Address:
Rua Dona Veridiana, 55 - Consolação
01238-010 São Paulo

Phone: +55 11 3334 5614
Fax: +55 11 3334 5640
Email: presidente@sindusconsp.com.br

Business Description Sinduscon-SP (The São Paulo State Association of Construction and Industry) is the biggest employers’ association in Latin America. It represents 10 000 companies from the real estate sector involved in the construction of housing units, offices, factories and public sector works. The association strives to improve the development conditions of its members and offers them further training in areas such as quality control, productivity, insurance and occupational health.
Specializations Property Types: All types of property
Specialities: All Specialty Types
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