Open for appointments with FIABCI World President Kirkor Ajderhanyan

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FIABCI World President Kirkor Ajderhanyan and FIABCI Business Development Consultant Narek Arekelyan will come over from France and they have some time left to meet with leaders of real estate related professional organizations. FIABCI is already connected with 100 professional organizations and 65 universities currently representing 610.000 people. We like to connect with professional organizations -especially in NL- but also with international companies who would like to sell / deliver / offer service to the real estate industry via either connecting as a principle member, academic member or as a sponsor. We will come to visit you in your own office if you're interested. To be able to learn more about each other, your organization is also welcome in our member's meeting in Amsterdam later today and evening. Info(AT)fiabcinederland.nl