New FIABCI World President visits Taiwan and Malaysia to promote FIABCI initiatives

August 2, 2017

The first FIABCI World President from India launched his term with a visit to two FIABCI Asia-Pacific Chapters: FIABCI-Taiwan and FIACI-Malaysia. His agenda for both visits included a discussion of the City Prosperity Index (CPI), UN-Habitat’s tool to provide metrics and data for evaluating urban development. The tool has been applied in more than 500 cities around the world to date.

A qualitative aspect of the tool measures the perceptions of people living in the urban area. This important component is thanks to an online tool offered by FIABCI, built using Circles of Sustainability methodology. It is being modified to have the same indicators of quantitative CPI. In May of this year, 2015-’16 FIABCI World President Kirkor Ajderhanyan signed an MoU in Nairobi with UN-Habitat in support of city sustainability assessment worldwide. The CPI initiative is an important part of this agreement.

FIABCI panel on CPI initiative at 2017 MIPIM. Pictured L to R: 2017-’18 World President Farook Mahmood, 2016-’17 World President Kirkor Ajderhanyan, Eduardo Moreno (UN-Habitat), 2015-’16 World President Danielle Grossenbacher and 2010-’11 World President Enrico Campagnoli

“The aim of the CPI is to enable city authorities to identify opportunities and potential areas of intervention for their cities to become more prosperous,” said Farook Mahmood, who is talking with FIABCI Chapters about opportunities to engage in positive urban transformation in times of continuous urban growth. “Through the evaluation of this index, cities can have a better understanding of themselves. It identifies the underlying problems, the strengths and weaknesses. It gives a snapshot of the current state of the city, paving the way for development by adapting the most efficient strategies for sustainable urban development.”

Beyond the CPI discussion, the goal of the Chapter visits was to boost ties with this
important world region and to explore opportunities to grow the membership in the Asia-Pacific region.

World President Farook was the VIP guest at FIABCI-Taiwan’s 2017 Real Estate Excellence Awards Presentation & Gala Dinner, during which time he addressed the attendees and congratulated the winners, who will go on to enter FIABCI’s 2018 Prix d’ Excellence Awards competition.

FIABCI-Taiwan’s 2017 Real Estate Excellence Award winners; pictured with Taiwanese cabinet ministers and mayors. Also included: the former premier of Taiwan, Mr. Su Zhenchang, FIABCI-Taiwan president Architect Mr. Lin of the Fabulous Group, Lily Chang, President of FIABCI’s World Council of Developers and Investors

While in Taiwan, President Farook met with a group of Taiwanese city mayors, including Mayor Chia-Lung Lin of the Taichung city government, along with other members of the government, to discuss the implementation of CPI. The Taichung mayor is very positive about the opportunities discussed.

Farook Mahmood, meeting with Taichung Mayor Chia-Lung Lin

Lily Chang, President of the FIABCI World Council of Developers & Investors (pictured
below), was in attendance at the meeting. She will engage 2010-’11 World President Enrico Campagnoli in activities related to Taiwan’s use of the CPI.

Farook Mahmood & Lily Chang at FIABCI-Taiwan award gala

One of the most memorable moments of the Taiwan visit was meeting a three-generation FIABCI family (below); all whom have served well the FIABCI organization.

L to R: Mr. David Tang: Vice President (2017-2019) of FIABCI Asia-Pacific Committee, Director of FIABCI-Taiwan, Senior Associate Vice President of GFC Ltd.; Mr. Charles Tang, Supervisor of FIABCI-Taiwan (2005-2008), Chairman of GFC Ltd.; Mr. Farook Mahmood, 2017-2018 FIABCI World President; Mr. John S.C. Tang: FIABCI Medal Holder, FIABCI Deputy World President – Asia-Pacific (2003-2004), Emeritus President of FIABCI-Taiwan (2002-2008), Honorary Chairman of GFC Ltd.

The Asia-Pacific region was well-represented at the FIABCI-Taiwan event, with Chapter
Presidents from Hawaii-USA, India, Korea, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore, and Thailand in attendance. Members of FIABCI-Korea, used the opportunity to promote the upcoming APREC meeting in Busan.

Presidents from FIABCI Asia-Pacific Chapters, including Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, and FIABCI-Taiwan members with FIABCI World President Farook Mahmood (7th from right) and Edward Tae-Yong Gee, (8th from right), FIABCI President of the Asia-Pacific region
FIABCI-Taiwan award VIPs, including the Vice President of Taiwan, Mr. Chien-Jen Chen, seated on the left of Farook Mahmood
Lunch with the Mei Fu Group (FIABCI-Taiwan silver award winner) and honored guests
FIABCI VIPs visiting award-winning property of FIABCI-Taiwan’s Mei Fu Group
Farook Mahmood, center, pictured with Edward Tae-Yong Gee,
President of FIABCI’s Asia-Pacific region (4th from R), and Sopon Pornchokchai, President of FIABCI-Taiwan; along with members and guests of FIABCI-Taiwan
Touring in Taiwan
FIABCI-Taiwan members, FIABCI Pacific-Asia leaders and honored guests celebrate a very successful event
Luncheon Toast in Taiwan
FIABCI-Taiwan showing its many interesting properties

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South to Malaysia

From Taiwan, World President Farook traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a one-day meeting and luncheon with leaders of the FIABCI-Malaysia Chapter. FIABCI-Malaysia has agreed to actively pursue use of the CPI tool within the country. Other issues discussed included growing Chapter membership and sponsorship, technology and opportunities for Malaysian developers in India, resulting from India’s current housing shortage.

While in Kuala Lumpur, President Farook received a souvenir presentation from FIABCI-Malaysia. In turn, he made a special presidential medal presentation to 2005-’06 FIABCI World President Dato’ Alan Tong.

FIABCI 2017-’18 World President Farook Mahmood and 2005-’06 World President Dato’ Alan Tong
FIABCI 2017-’18 World President Farook Mahmood and 2005-’06 World President Dato’ Alan Tong

The presentations followed speeches by the President of FIABCI-Malaysia, Tengku Dato’ Ab. Aziz, Dato’ Mr. Tong and Mr. Mahmood. Farook recognized FIABCI-Malaysia’s important role in FIABCI’s Prix d’Excellence program, noting “it is the jewel in our crown.”

World President Farook Mahmood (seated, center) with FIABCI-Malaysia leaders.

Throughout his trip, President Farook encouraged FIABCI members (and the many prospective members attending the FIABCI events) to “Think local, but act globally,” by expanding their business base using the FIABCI network and resources.

Birthday boys of June, July, August celebrating in Kuala Lumpur at FIABCI-Malaysia