September 25, 2015

Creativity, innovation and technology are among the key drivers that contribute to the sustainable development of the real estate industry worldwide. Brazil is proud to be acknowledged as a benchmark in real estate with professionals recognized for their expertise and excellence, their technical skills and differentiated projects.

The Master Real Estate Award is a showcase of the strength of the Brazilian real estate industry. In 2015 the Award celebrates its 21st edition and represents a valuable source of inspiration for projects and policies that foster social and economic growth in Brazil. By focusing on innovative concepts and the most successful strategies in the Brazilian realty market, the Award shows the country and the rest of the world that we are ready to contribute to Brazil’s development. The achievement of this year’s Master Real Estate Award winners provides ample proof of our market players’ ability to change and transform. These players spare no effortand strive to create an increasingly fair, sustainable and developed market and country. The Award is the highest recognition that a real estate entrepreneur can receive for his courage and grit to engage in a sector that is a key catalyst for the development of free enterprise and which meets the needs of the population for adequate housing, while fully embracing the social and economic sustainability of our society.

Our efforts to build a healthy real estate market would not be possible without the professional expertise and excellent know-how of the Master Real Estate Award winners. Moreover, the role played by FIABCI-BRAZIL as a national and international knowledge exchange platform has attracted further partnerships and investment for the progress of our industry and our country. This year, 60 high quality projects were entered into the Award of which 7 were selected for the Developments category and 12 for the Professionals category. The consistently high quality of entrants makes the jury’s task increasingly hard. This emphasizes the strength of the Brazilian real estate sector whose players have given their invaluable contribution for the country’s industry to reach the highest levels of respect and admiration all over the world.

One of FIABCI-BRAZIL’s chief goals is to foster the exchange of great ideas through networking and knowledge sharing with international partners and implementing their experiences in Brazil, while also presenting the best of our abilities to the world by encouraging Brazilian companies and entrepreneurs to showcase their talent both domestically and across borders. In recent years, Brazil has achieved great success in the Prix d’Excellence, a major award organized by FIABCI, competing with iconic projects from all over the wo rld. Several Brazilian projects have won this prestigious award throughout the years.

We must learn from these examples and continue working and striving to build the nation that our society longs for. We, therefore, congratulate this year’s winners on their achievement and for their invaluable contribution to Brazil’s real estate market. Only through the lessons learned from their experience can we continue to advance Brazil’s role on the international arena.