FIABCI- Slovenia Hosts Successful International Regional Real Estate Business Conference Building Bridges throughout the Region

December 15, 2015

FIABCI-Slovenia organized a successful Slovene real estate event where several of FIABCI’s National Presidents officially met for the first time during FIABCI-Slovenia’s 5th International Regional Real Estate Business Conference. FIABCI Leaders and Chapter Presidents who participated in the conference program included Kirkor Ajderhanyan, FIABCI World President-Elect; Jože Podgoršek, FIABCI-Slovenia President; Antonio Campagnoli, FIABCI Regional President for Europe and the Near East and FIABCI-Italy President; Eugen Otto, FIABCI-Austria President.

The purpose of the conference was to encourage proactive cooperation, networking and exchange of best practices among all real estate business participants in attendance. Among the attendees were real estate agents and agencies as well as financial and legal experts, architects, urbanists and construction experts. One of the primary goals which FIABCI-Slovenia had hoped to accomplish during this event was connecting the region and building bridges among local countries, knowing that the business world’s most important transfer of credible information and personal contact happens through the creation of successful relationships. In addition, FIABCI-Slovenia was committed to being the catalyst that would help professionals to build personal confidence through knowledge and through the increase of mutually beneficial communication among real estate professionals.

As stated by Mr. Campagnoli during the program, “The regional conference hosted by FIABCI-Slovenia is a great example of how FIABCI, as a global organization, can provide an effective platform for industry professionals to easily communicate, build international contacts and increase cooperation between neighboring countries.” Attendees agreed that the conference was the perfect forum for the exchange of business information and the sharing of best practices within the region.

FIABCI World President-Elect Kirkor Ajderhanyan and FIABCI-Slovenia President Mr. Jože Podgoršek



The Meeting of Four FIABCI Chapter Presidents:
– Eugen Otto, FIABCI-Austria President
– Jože Podgoršek, FIABCI-Slovenia President
– Kirkor Ajderhanyan, FIABCI World President-Elect
– Antonio Campagnoli, FIABCI Regional President for Europe and the Near East and FIABCI-Italy President

Besides local experts from Slovenia, the conference also hosted real-estate experts from Austria, Italy, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia, who presented current trends in supply and demand as well as the key investment projects in their real-estate markets. Among the many topics covered were:

  • CURRENT STATE AND PERSPECTIVES OF REAL-ESTATE MARKETS: Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Italy in Slovenia


Representatives of the Management Board of FIABCI-Austria


Regional real estate professionals attend FIABCI-Slovenia’s 5th International Regional Real Estate Business Conference