FIABCI Launches World Urban Campaign: The City We Need is Affordable

January 27, 2016

FIABCI Campaign:
The City We Need Is Affordable

FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation, recognizes that in most markets around the world, there is a severe shortage of moderately priced housing.  According to UN reports, the world is undergoing a large wave of urban growth.  Global population will increase to 2.5 billion people within the next 30 years and many of these people will become urban dwellers. The world’s shortage of housing will become more acute in the coming decades and the housing problem will become more concentrated locally because it is expected that, due to massive migrations to urban centers, over 75% of the world population will be living in cities mid-century.

FIABCI, a global network of real estate professionals (architects, builders, developers, urban planners, brokers, real estate lawyers, etc.), is uniquely positioned to bring together all of the major global stakeholders in the real estate industry to propose solutions to meet the increasing demand for affordable housing within the world’s cities and to encourage the private sector to become involved by expanding activities and projects focused on affordable housing.

Considering these perspectives, we decided to launch our 2016 World Urban Campaign in Dubai on January 10 of this year, with the slogan “The City We Need is Affordable”. We will focus on sharing best formulas and practices from around the world. We hope that it will contribute to increase the supply of moderately-priced housing for rent and for sale for people working and living in cities. The UN has designed the banners below, in the six official languages of the United Nations.

Our goal is to find various ways to reduce, as quickly as possible, the current imbalance between the low supply and huge demand for moderately-priced housing units. Through this campaign, FIABCI plans to:

  •  Pinpoint solutions to quickly reduce the current imbalance between the low supply and high demand for housing units.
  • Identify beneficial financing formulas which will encourage investors and developers to embrace the campaign and to take an active role in planning the cities of tomorrow equipped with affordable housing – today.
  • Share new construction methods, materials, design and innovations which will reduce the time and cost of construction without sacrificing quality
  • Facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experiences in construction methods, technology, materials, design and innovations which will not sacrifice quality and which will be beneficial to all stakeholders.
  • Publicize smartly planned communities practical for the urban workforce
  • Showcase successful affordable developments with creative new components such as urban farming, work/live environments, etc.
  • Detail best public/private partnership formulas

Up to now, initiatives have been mainly undertaken by governments and urban authorities through subsidies, tax incentives, rezoning and allocation of extra air-rights. Our objective is to get the private sector involved, and if, as we hope, we are successful in this endeavor, it should be possible to significantly expand activities and projects in this field.

Our campaign timetable is as follows:

 MARCH 15 to MAY 1
Open International contest to find the best solutions for financing, construction, architecture, design, urban planning, etc.
Ask our Chapters and Members around the world to send us the best success stories and initiatives on affordable housing.

MARCH 15 – 18
Use our FIABCI booth at MIPIM Cannes to interest developers and investors exhibiting there to join our campaign.

MAY 1-21
Selection of the best ideas, initiatives and practices by an international panel of experts.

MAY 26
Presentation of the winning solutions at FIABCI’s 67th World Congress in Panama.

OCTOBER 16 – 19
Showcase the best ideas and formulas gathered during our Urban Campaign in Quito, Ecuador, during the Habitat III Conference